Vintage Wings Celebrates WW2 Aircrew Training Plan…at Fly Day 2011

Throughout 2011, pilots from Vintage Wings of Canada have been touring Canada in tribute to the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). The last stop on their “Yellow Wings” tour will be Fly Day at the Ottawa Flying Club

The BCATP, commonly known as “The Plan”, was a stunning achievement in aircrew training that involved small and medium-sized communities in every province across Canada (includingOttawa) and trained hundreds of thousands of aircrew from Canada, the Commonwealth and the United States.

Fittingly, the 2011 “Yellow Wings” tour has visited many of those communities to pay tribute their contributions to the war effort. It is the mission of Vintage Wings to “to celebrate Canada’s aviation heritage and inspire Canadians with powerful stories of the heroes, aircraft and events that make up this great legacy.”  And this year’s tour has accomplished that. The Ottawa airport was home to 2 Flying Service Training School during the war and, as such, Fly Day and the Ottawa Flying Club are thrilled to welcome the Vintage Wings’ pilots and aircraft on October 1st and hope that Fly Day participants will have the opportunity learn about and be inspired this important legacy of Canadian heritage.

For more information on the BCATP, please visit the Yellow Wings website or view an informative webinar.